Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can I upgrade a SAFELINK phone? The answer to that is yes you can upgrade or replace your SAFELINK phone at your own expense or have SAFELINK send you a replacement phone.

If you need to replace your Safelink phone because the buttons are to small for you to see or you lost your phone and can't bare to wait 5 to 7 days for Safelink to send you a replacement, you can either go to Wal-mart or go online to and  pick up a entry to mid level Tracfone. (entry level phones would be basic flip phones, mid-level phones would be phones with a  QWERTY keyboard) 

So after you get your new phone home. If you have access to a computer go online and setup an account (if you haven't already) at we'll get back to that later.

 Here is where you will need lots of patience call Safelink wireless at
1~800~378~1684 be very calm you may want to do this when you have extra time because it may take between 30 mins if your lucky, to a hour. Tell the customer service rep that you damaged your phone. (it fell in the toilet,your dog ate it whatever) And you have a replacement phone and you would like to activate the CSR will ask you a few questions to make sure you are who you say you are.They may ask you would you like a new number or do you want to keep your old number, that choice is yours to make.Then they will ask you about your new phone (IMEI # also called serial #, SIM #) so have both your new phone and your old phone handy. The CSR will give you a ticket number write it down.They will have you enter in a string of numbers on your new phone.Wait a few minutes and your minutes from your old phone should transfer to your new phone. Make sure that you tell them to transfer your mins and your service days to the new phone. After about a hour or so if you haven't received your mins or service days go online to and sign into your account follow the steps to add your new phone to your account. On the tracfone website you will be able to check the status of your number transfer by going to service and support and in the drop down menu go to technical support go to check status of ticket and enter your ticket number. It should tell you the status of your number transfer. If it has a error message go back to technical support and enter in your new phones serial number and it will walk you though the steps to program your phone. At this point your minutes will come directly to your new phone. I'm not sure why you cant just activate the safelink phone online, I tried it and it didn't work I had to call safelink first and then I was able to finish my activation online.
My personal experience with my Safelink upgrade: I thought I would be able to do a number transfer online but it didn't let me I had to call safelink. After about a hour and a half my new phone still wasn't activated so I went online to and was able to finish my activation on the tracfone website. I did have a few problems like my service days wasn't transferred over so I had to make a few more calls to safelink to get my service days. Another thing that happened to me was I wasn't able to setup my voicemail, I'm still not sure what the problem was with that but again I had to make another call to safelink to fix that issue also I didnt receive my mins on the 1st of the month like I always do, I had to once again call CS to fix that matter. My advice is if your going to upgrade or replace your phone do it during a time that your not busy, be calm and don't get upset if you cant understand the CSR for any reason just hang up and call back remember patience is the key.
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